Our steadily growing know-how and the increasing test and analysis requirements lead to innovations within our existing product portfolio. All our systems are prepared for appropriate adaptations and can be modified as required. On these pages you will find information on the current state of development.

3D Magnetic Field Scan

We measure the magnetic field of your rotor over the entire circumference, which results in a magnetic mountain range in which the faults can be precisely localized using the map display.

Single Pole Analysis

In order to further advance the depth of detail and the possibility of evaluating our magnetic field analysis, there is now the possibility of detached the individual poles of the rotor – without influencing the neighboring poles. This creates previously unattainable methods of evaluating the quality of a rotor.

Sectional View

The sectional view enables the segments to be viewed in relation to one another and the quality of magnetization

Determine the skewing angle

The more complex the magnet arrangement, the more difficult it is to subsequently determine the skewing angle. However, this is an aspect that should not be despised, especially with purchased parts.
We measure the magnetic skewing angle



Magnetic field FFT

Since the root cause analysis is now one of our key features, we now offer the option of the order / NVH analysis of the magnetic field. In the event of a fault, manufacturing errors generate a magnetic imbalance in the rotor, which can lead to abnormal vibrations, performance losses and increased wear

Detect, investigate, and avoid unwanted vibrations.