Inline measurement technology

The fastest in its class


Fastest magnetic field scan on the market
The area of application is cycle time-optimized series production

The measuring system serves as a Q-Wall in your line.

Sort out parts with poor magnetic properties at an early stage which would lead to performance or NVH abnormalities if they were installed.

Save yourself expensive field returns

Technical details

Cycle times of approx. 20s. at the highest resolution

Variable active part length

Automatic detection of the active sensors during the measurement

24 bit quantization interval

Automatic test plan selection through serial number scan

Connection to database possible

PROFINET® and UDP interface

Trend analysis over several measurements

Automatic generation of measurement reports

Magnetic field sensor for detecting the radial magnetic field component

Automatic data archiving

Additional functions for external excitation

Various manufactoring processes affect the coil geometry and therefore have a negative influence on the magnetic field.

Programmable external excitation in different current and voltage modes

Automatic and exchangeable slip ring contact for different rotor types

Due to the short cycle time, little heating of the test object

Recording of current / voltage curves

Four-wire resistance measurement