Single Sensor Test Bench


Fastest single sensor system on the market -> approx. 30s. and 5 minutes at the lowest or highest resolution

This system is particularly well suited for design and product validation. They are used in prototype construction, development and sample measurements

Mobile single workstation

Technical details

24 bit quantization interval

Automatic test plan selection through serial number scan

Connection to database possible

Trend analysis over several measurements

Any positioning of the sensor

Storing an infinite number of rotor contours

Measurement of rotor shaft magnetization / influence on resolver

variable air gap

Automatic generation of measurement reports

All individual metrological components are DAkkS – calibratable

3D magnetic field sensor for the detection of Bx, By, Bz

Concentricity and temperature monitoring

Sensor collision monitoring

Automatic data archiving

Additional functions for external excitation

Programmable external excitation in different current and voltage modes

Automatic and exchangeable slip ring contacts for different rotor variants

Recording of current / voltage / temperature progression

Four-wire resistance measurement